Modal operators on $L$-algebras

Document Type : Research Paper


Hatef Higher Education Institute, Zahedan, Iran.


The main goal of this paper is to introduce analogously modal operators on $L$-algebras and study their properties. To begin with, we introduce the notion of modal operators on $L$-algebras and investigate some important properties of this operator. In order for the kernel of modal operator to be ideal, we investigate what conditions are required. Relations between modal operator and endomorphism of $L$-algebras are investigated. Also, we define the concept of positive $L$-algebra and some characterizations of positive $L$-algebra are established. Finally, we introduce a map $k_{a}$ and show that $k_{a}$ is a modal operator and we prove that the set of all $k_{a}$ on a positive $L$-algebra makes a dual BCK-algebra.


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