Limits and colimits in the category of pre-directed complete pre-ordered sets

Document Type : Research Paper


Depatment of Mathematcs, Faculty of science, University of Jiroft, Jiroft, Iran



In this paper, some categorical properties of the category { Pre-Dcpo} of all pre-dcpos; pre-ordered sets which are also pre-directed complete, with pre-continuous maps between them is considered. In particular, we characterize products and coproducts in this category. Furthermore, we show that this category is neither complete nor cocomplete. Also, epimorphisms and monomorphisms in {Pre-Dcpo} are described.
Finally, some adjoint relations between the category {Pre-Dcpo} and others are considered.
More precisely, we consider the forgetful functors between this category and some well-known categories, and study the existence of their left and right adjoints.


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