Document Type : Research Paper


1 Shahid Beheshti University

2 Payamenour University, Tehran


In this paper, we introduce the concepts of right, left and product stabilizers on hoops and study some properties and the relation between them.  And we try to find that how they can be equal and investigate that under what condition they can be filter, implicative filter, fantastic and positive implicative filter. Also, we prove that  right and product stabilizers are filters and if they are proper, then they are prime filters. Then by using the right stabilizers produce a basis for a topology on hoops. We show that the generated topology by this basis is Baire, connected, locally connected and separable and we investigate the other properties of this topology. Also, by the similar way, we introduce the  right, left and product stabilizers on quotient  hoops and introduce the quotient topology that is  generated by them and investigate that under what condition this topology is Hausdorff space, $T_{0}$ or $T_{1}$ spaces.


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