On permutably complemented subalgebras of finite dimensional Lie algebras

Document Type : Research Paper


Department of mathematics, University of Ayatollah Alozma Boroujerdi, Boroujerd, Iran


Let $L$ be a finite-dimensional Lie algebra. We say a subalgebra $H$ of $L$ is permutably complemented in $L$ if there is a subalgebra $K$ of $L$ such that $L=H+K$ and $H\cap K=0$. Also, if every subalgebra of $L$ is permutably complemented in $L$, then $L$ is called completely factorisable. In this article, we consider the influence of these concepts on the structure of a Lie algebra, in particular, we obtain some characterizations for supersolvability of a finite-dimensional Lie algebra in terms of permutably complemented subalgebras.


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