D-Spectrum and D-Energy of Complements of Iterated Line Graphs of Regular Graphs

Document Type : Research Paper


Department of Mathematics, St.Aloysius College, Edathua, Alappuzha, India


The D-eigenvalues {µ1,…,µp} of a graph G are the eigenvalues of its distance matrix D and form its D-spectrum. The D-energy, ED(G) of G is given by ED (G) =∑i=1p |µi|. Two non cospectral graphs with respect to D are said to be D-equi energetic if they have the same D-energy. In this paper we show that if G is an r-regular graph on p vertices with 2r ≤ p - 1, then the complements of iterated line graphs of G are of diameter 2 and that ED(\overline{Lk(G)}), k≥2 depends only on p and r. This result leads to the construction of regular D-equi energetic pair of graphs.


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