Volume & Issue: Volume 8, Issue 2, August 2021 
Construction of new gyrogroups and the structure of their subgyrogroups

Pages 17-30

Soheila Mahdavi; Ali Reza Ashrafi; Mohammad Ali Salahshour

The $(p,q,r)$-generations of the symplectic group $Sp(6,2)$

Pages 31-49

Ayoub Basheer; Malebogo John Motalane; Thekiso Trevor Seretlo

Some remarks on goursat lemma

Pages 119-129

Brice Rene Amougou Mbarga

On graded $J_{gr}$-classical prime submodules

Pages 195-201

khaldoun Al-Zoubi; Shatha Alghueiri

2-Domination in vague graphs

Pages 203-222

Sadegh Banitalebi; Rajab Ali Borzooei; Elahe Mohamadzadeh